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Do Epidural Injections Really Help with Back and Leg Pain?

We all know someone who has back pain or leg pain.  Most of the time this pain is caused by a bulging, or herniated, disc in the lower spine.  Sometimes this pain is merely annoying, but for some it can be debilitating.  There are lots of treatment options out there including medicati
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Does cold weather make your pain worse?

We’ve all heard people say that their arthritis, back pain, or migraines seem to get worse when the weather gets cold.  Even the medical literature documents many anecdotal accounts of “weather induced pain”.  But is the weather actually causing pain to increase, or do people just lik
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How does your holiday celebration beverage interact with your medications?

Tis the season for egg nog and champagne and parties with adult beverages flowing. Have you ever considered how those drinks might either affect your medications or how your medications might impact how alcohol affects your body? Sometimes consuming alcohol can even affect the very co
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