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Interventional Pain Management or Surgery?

The choice between Pain Management and Surgery depends on a combination of:

  • the diagnosis of the cause of pain
  • the patient’s willingness to undergo surgery
  • the patient’s medical history and condition
  • the effectiveness of non-surgical therapies

Many patients elect to begin with Interventional Pain Management because it is either non invasive or minimally invasive. Frequently interventional pain management procedures can greatly reduce or eliminate a patient’s pain without the need for surgery. For other patients interventional pain management can provide pain relief for a period to postpone an inevitable surgery until it is absolutely needed. For others, more immediate surgery is the best solution.

Interventional Pain Management has proven to provide great benefit to patients who have previously undergone surgery and still experience significant pain. Many of these patients are not candidates, or are unwilling, for another surgery. Through a combination of minimally invasive procedures and medical management, Interventional Pain Management can bring relief and return quality of life to these patients.

Dr. Rubin works closely with area surgeons to determine the best course of action for each individual case. If imaging studies and other factors indicate the need for surgery, Dr. Rubin will be happy to refer patients to an excellent surgeon. Conversely, many surgeons refer patients to Dr. Rubin when they feel that surgery is not immediately indicated.